Grief and Perseverance

How many times do we hear, I am done, finished, I quit, no more, no more, it over and my life is done. When we hear these phases we are at the point in our lives where we are at the stages of giving up. Something transpired along the way that made us believe it was over. This is a grief in our lives. We can feel everything around us has failed and we see as a result nothing is happening everything  is at a stand still so we ask what’s next?

Perseverance when one is in grief may look hard but it’s not. The attitude has to change and one has to have a determination that they want things to change.  The grief part of life does not have to become a cycle that often many of us are into. No one “actually” want to fail. God does not want anyone to fail. We have to see another side of life and that’s to not give up. Can I give you a few steps that helped me get to the place where I had to persevere through the difficult journeys I experienced.

  1. If I needed money to get to the next step. I had to save something, no matter how small the amount.
  2.  I had to self examine how I thought about what I wanted and what was the goal behind it
  3. I had to seek out “only positive support people and negative people leave them behind.
  4. I had to ask for help when I didn’t want to and leaving the pride factor behind.
  5. I had to address my own fears and begin to conquer them. (for me only prayer did that.

You have a few of my steps and I am sure you have a list of your own but don’t the  “grief to persevere persuade you to look at things as a failure because in true light they are not.

Think about your life what are you persevering for .




Grief and Structure

Where is the Structure the crowd is screaming. This is a saying when people don’t understand when something is occurring. In life. Grief has the same response only in grief the structure is oftentimes avoided, denied procrastinated or simply refused. When grief occurs in our lives we should take the challenge how to manage it because it will go no where when it’s not properly managed. Your life needs structure, your career needs structure, your time frame needs structure, your mindset needs structure. The question is, how are you going to bring the structure in your life that’s so full of grief. Take the challenge to see the grief in the problem. Once you see it, write down ways you want to start to tackle with it. After you wrote down the steps, clear your mind because the next step is to take action. The structure is about to start. Once you put your mind to structure the problem to deal with it, now you are getting it. Work the grief out of the situation that you can win.

Handle Your grief. There is Hope. Nothing is Impossible Get the resource

Grief and Display:

Grief is on display when it’s shown all to the world.people look at othes, body language facial expressions and everything about a,person is,put on display whena,person is in grief.Why is that the question arises? Well for one, people are not aware of how others are viewing them and in their minds they are so preoccupied/ they cannot think of are not paying attention. Grief can leave you on display but the display will never be the same until we realize we need to have pain eased and we should want just that, grief and display goes hand in hand  because we manage the Grief and the people will seethe results.
Are you on display ? Have any hard rocks you need to face. We all do. Be on display that you want to control and one you want people to see.The grief, dig into it process it, get to the realness of it. Stop running around letting a display be seen you are not happy with. Let your grief help you to grow. Don’t settle for nothing gless.

Get a coach to he!p you be accountable. Should you need more get that too 

Grief and Frustration:

If there is one thing in our grievous moments we get frustrated and that;s simply getting angry over something that made you so upset you took a drastic measure. Yes frustration is a grief because it gets to the place where one will turn to extreme measures to handle themselves.

Grief and Frustration together are not like oil and water. Both together doesn’t help one’s attitude.There becomes anger, strife and makes one say things that shows who they are. Yes the level of frustration in our grief, will make words sound like they come out of revenge because the other person had a different opinion about something. There are many ways in which grief and frustration can be looked at.

Yes we are going to get angry, yes we are going to get frustrated and yes its a grief because you were affected. Frustration brings pain that going deep in the brain the waves in the brain makes curves and twists and yes, it can result in a headache. The grief that frustration can also convey is it makes enemies right away.

Why allow such a feeling to overtake you? Do you get frustrated easily? Do you need to learn relaxation strategies? Or you a person just let frustration build up.  Take a plunge leap today don’t allow grief and frustration to live together. The grief moments can be challenging in the way that you manage frustration but this is where you may need help to gain control and strength.  Think about what you need when grief and frustration knocks on your door.

Listen to a podcast that may help


Grief and Friendship

Tough one when you wonder what happen to the person and you haven’t seen in a while.  You didn’t ask questions because they basically came when they could. So, you go about the daily duties of the task and then there goes “did you hear about your friend? Huh, what you mean who, someone else says sit down.  I sit and they tell me the name and the memories of laughter jump through your mind. It’s all quiet everyone around you go back to their work. The grief specialist and or counselor just got some work.

Grief ties in to friendship because while in the journey you are riding through you meet some people that had impact on you. The impact did not have to be that of any special favors they did or anything extraordinary, the person was just who they were and a friendship developed and now it’s a “grief” because one of the griefs is they will one day go to sleep,

The grief in the friendship will hold steady for a minute and you might remember some funny stores and funny sayings. but don;t deny you have feelings. The feelings are real and oftentimes we deny we have them especially  when it comes to the physical death experienced.

The friendship part of the grief brings in pain and strong feelings because you just saw that person. The pain is there talk about it. Don;t sit and let it fester. Definitely make some closure which could be recall a memorable moment that you had. The grief feeling will be there that;s the pain, but remember in grief there are gains. Keep a memorable thought of that friend and make sure you process what’s within


Handle Your Grief . There is Hope. Nothing Is Impossible and remember where there is Grief there is Growth.




Grief and Flight

Looking over life and reflecting on memories, we ask  should we or could we. Ask the question of yourself can you or can’t you. You are taking a flight. No, it’s not taking a plane ride but a ride through your life. We should do that once in a while because our grieving moments will make us look back even when we don’t want to. Go ahead and look back take the flight. Don’t avoid it. Don’t  deny it and do not procrastinate on it. You cannot avoid it. Grief will make you look at yourself even when you don’t want to.

Sure flights are necessary it’s part of the journey. 

Grief and Motivation:

What’s going on?  You suddenly feel like life is moving upward. You at first was sad, the situation took you back to places you never thought would, but, you said  No. You stood up on your feet and said; I will not accept this defeat nor its dread. You walked around and sometimes even ran, still your grief was not its end. Then it happened, There was an surge of  motivation. The motivation you held captured you at every thought.  Your grief gave you the motivation to wake up. How does it feel? Your mind began to churn about things you needed to put your feet forward into. How does it feel? Take the ride, sometimes grief has go beneath. Take the right turn. Do the work. Its not impossible.