Tackling the Challenge of Saving the Dollar

The saying is always said ” I don’t have any money” The saying is used so much until guess what? You don’t have any money; you basically don’t have any. I wondered if someone took the time to add up 100 pennies, what does that amount up to? Right, 100 pennies add up to 1.00.  Oh, what’s a lousy penny, no one really looks at that. When you buy an item, do you think when the cashier says that is .54 cents? I know the small stuff doesn’t really count right? Wrong when you are tackling the challenge to save the dollar.

One dollar like $5.00 or $10.00 is still broken down to be dollars. The challenge is who is paying attention to how to go about gaining a skill of discipline to save a dollar. One has to start somewhere. It starts in your perception of money. If you think money is for the fast spending, it won’t matter how much you have, your mindset will be spending it. Money has to be viewed differently, for example, to desire something and don’t want to be in debt to get it. Are you willing to save for it, no matter how long it takes?  Another question, how long can you hold a dollar in your possession? There’s a challenge to take.

One good way to begin to look at the challenge of tackling of saving a dollar is to have someone you can talk with that can make you accountable. I would suggest a friend you really have trust in and a coach who specializes in finances or the therapist who can help with helping you process your thoughts and feelings about money. Money sometimes scares people especially when they don’t have any. There goes a sense of insecurity when a person does not have money. The fear will not allow one to look at the dollar at all but fear it and the mind will say “I have to just get it and then there becomes the mindset of getting the amount, then what happens? There goes the mind saying going to go get this and that. The money goes out the window and then the cycle starts again, right back to the beginning no money, not even a measly dollar.

Tackling the challenge of saving one dollar is that for you? Do you think you can do it? I would strongly suggest it to you.


Dr. La-Renda Jones

Beneath the Grief Ministries.


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