Making a Matter complicated saving a Dollar

Saving money can become complicated.The complication comes when it comes to discipline. Families that have not trained children from childhood what to do with money and how to treat it; the injustice is done to that child already. Children need to see money as simple, not complicated. If they sense the fear in spending it, they will also sense the fear in saving it. Adults struggle every day with money issues but the efforts to start saving one measly dollar needs to go into effect.

Objects can be used in creative ways that one can use to save one dollar and it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.  The mind has to say, I will do this and I will not back up from it. The results can be seen at the end but you first have to say within the mind this is a task I must overcome.  Often one hears, oh a dollar means nothing and what can you do with it. The last time I checked: 100 pennies add up to a dollar and 10 dimes add up to a dollar.  Once the money is saved and counted that’s when one sees how easy it is and then because they have a few dollars in their pockets, now they can buy something. You could not buy anything if you didn’t have a dollar now, could you?

Matters are made too complicated when it comes to saving a dollar. We spend more than a dollar. Let us wake up and see the fact. We need to see the dollar is not the complication it’s the discipline.


Dr. La-Renda jones


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