The positive influence Saving the One Dollar

The dollar challenge for many seems almost like an impossible task. Why is that? Due to not having sufficient knowledge about saving and spending habits, one can be lost in really how much they can see money in a positive manner. Money should not be used as a manipulation tactic but where one can buy what they desire with having to question how much more they need. The power of saving one measly dollar is one everyone in society needs to grab ahold of.

The dollar is seen as measly and not enough and more is needed. Let’s not move so fast to get the principle around saving a dollar. The discipline is what is needed to be able to see the dollar and the power it has. A measly dollar one says a dollar is a dollar. Don’t have a dollar and imagine how it feels. The value of the dollar is definitely not high at all. in fact it’s at it’s all time low peak. However, the dollar needs to be seen for its simplicity and not only that it has no value or meaning to it. Let’s remember what we don’t know about a dollar and the teaching you may have received about a dollar.,

Let a dollar be seen in a new way. First, think about something you want to save for. Get a book, a nice designed box or a can even, dress it up and take a dollar and save it. Try it. Get into the mindset of saving a dollar. Think about what you don’t know about saving and let the dollar be the first step to getting free.


Dr. La-Renda Jones




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