Take a look at what can Grieve You…. Money

Taking a look at the power of one dollar for the past few blogs I have done. My mission was to talk to people about the power of one measly dollar. The dollar may not have much value to anyone but if you don’t understand the discipline of money then you can miss a point. Money is not the problem it’s how it is viewed in the mind. If you fear money then you will get it through your hands and spend it fast like eating an ice cream cone before it melts.

Money is definitely a grievous issue in the lives of many. The phrases are “I don’t have any money or I don’t have enough money” Let’s face it everyone grieves something and money can be grieved too. As we see, some will do anything to get a dollar in their hands even if it means hurting someone to get it. The principle of 1 dollar can help you see the importance of the dollar but also not to spend it so fast. It’s so small can’t you save that little amount over a period of time? Why not?  The mindset has to be challenged to see the dollar differently then the effects of spending it won’t be so hard. Take the one dollar and put it away with a determination you are not going to spend it.

The grief in the money is that you want it so when you don’t have it, it can create a stress, and make one feel depressed. Yes, there are people that get depressed when they do not have any money. So take a look at what can grieve you, money. Don’t let it happen, do something about it. See money differently and change your mindset about it.


Dr. Jones.


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