Tackling the Challenge of Saving the Dollar

The saying is always said ” I don’t have any money” The saying is used so much until guess what? You don’t have any money; you basically don’t have any. I wondered if someone took the time to add up 100 pennies, what does that amount up to? Right, 100 pennies add up to 1.00.  Oh, what’s a lousy penny, no one really looks at that. When you buy an item, do you think when the cashier says that is .54 cents? I know the small stuff doesn’t really count right? Wrong when you are tackling the challenge to save the dollar.

One dollar like $5.00 or $10.00 is still broken down to be dollars. The challenge is who is paying attention to how to go about gaining a skill of discipline to save a dollar. One has to start somewhere. It starts in your perception of money. If you think money is for the fast spending, it won’t matter how much you have, your mindset will be spending it. Money has to be viewed differently, for example, to desire something and don’t want to be in debt to get it. Are you willing to save for it, no matter how long it takes?  Another question, how long can you hold a dollar in your possession? There’s a challenge to take.

One good way to begin to look at the challenge of tackling of saving a dollar is to have someone you can talk with that can make you accountable. I would suggest a friend you really have trust in and a coach who specializes in finances or the therapist who can help with helping you process your thoughts and feelings about money. Money sometimes scares people especially when they don’t have any. There goes a sense of insecurity when a person does not have money. The fear will not allow one to look at the dollar at all but fear it and the mind will say “I have to just get it and then there becomes the mindset of getting the amount, then what happens? There goes the mind saying going to go get this and that. The money goes out the window and then the cycle starts again, right back to the beginning no money, not even a measly dollar.

Tackling the challenge of saving one dollar is that for you? Do you think you can do it? I would strongly suggest it to you.


Dr. La-Renda Jones

Beneath the Grief Ministries.



Money Problems Anyone

Tossed lately with this issue regarding finances. So many are struggling in this area of their lives. We refuse to look into it, discover it’s feared and why? Many use money to manipulate others how to give it to them. Can you believe one of the largest problems people have, have to do do with saving money? It only takes up a made up mind you will save something. Not what you are not able to.

 Proverbs 22:7

The rich ruleth over the poor and the borrower is a servant to the lender. What do we think about this? The Bible is truth right there. Someone has to be challenged to get out of this mind of thinking regarding money being the problem. 



Acts 20:35 35 I have shewed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive. You better believe this is the truth indeed. But if one is fearful to bless the person because of the word and what’s it about, then the motive to give is minimized. 

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Now there is your problem right there.  Many don’t realize they have fallen into this trap. You can have millions and give it away, or even $5 with the heart to keep it and hoard it and then here comes the sorrows why?

I want to speak to those who want to save money. Money problems anyone?

1.   I love my plan as a Christian do you want to take the challenge? I dare you to do it. I am a proof of it, Using the Power of the Dollar. It’s simple and just takes you to have a made up mind.Take your Bible: the one you use or another one. Put 1 dollar into your Bible every day. You open it every day don’t you?  You looked at all the pages after, didn’t you? Ou said this will take a long time… Well what’s your excuse not to take this challenge? Get through that inner grief/Sir/Maam. Maybe you need some counseling here.

2. Simple every day you place the dollar in your Bible and you struggle with leaving it there recognize there is the problem.  The goal is to let it sit until every page has it’ dollar. So you might say, I might not live to see my benefit of saving the dollars. Why are you worried about that? When you see Jesus, and you are in the grave, your money is not going to make a difference anyway.  Get out of the mindset about something so simple.

3. When you have covered every page, remove your dollars. Buy yourself something, do something with it, donate to something, go somewhere but don’t spend the entire amount. Take the remainder and put it back in the Bible.  You just did something that you wanted or bought something you wanted, gave some to someone in need.

4. Reflection time. So what’re your thoughts? Time to deal with that!



Money Problems anyone? Hopes this helps

Dr. La-Renda Jones


Money and how to process it with the knowledge of the Power of the dollar.

      People need money, there are no doubts about it. People made the comments they don’t have enough and are scrimping to obtain more of it. I often wonder how much people know about money. It’s a knowledge that has lessons all of their own. The more I talk to people and if I had to evaluate all of my own associates, I discover many are afraid to talk about the subject. Why is this? The fear of being asked to loan someone a few dollars maybe. Of course, I have experienced this myself.  I learned there are motives behind money and how people will and can be manipulative when dealing with others about money.

Money is not the issue and it should be processed. The process should start with the fear it carries. Was it the way the parents dealt with it, or is it the fear you have you may never have enough of it. Whatever the problem may be with money, the motive behind it needs to be processed.  In my grief work, believe it or not, money is one of the largest grievous issues people have. Divorce rates are high, the cost of living is high, education is high, one is not making enough money.  All the issues behind money must be processed at one time or another. Let’s look at how to proceed.

  1.  Find out what the fear you have regarding the subject of money. Look at your mindset.
  2. If you are already in debt definitely find a source that can help you manage your debt.
  3. Find a principle you can follow and last but least look at the dollar principle.

Dr. LaRenda Jones


Money can be a bondage follow the principle. It’s just that simple.

Money, the taboo word, people are saying “I don’t have it, silence, you going to pay it?, I don’t have enough, I will just use credit. All of these phases and much more are the types of things people say that keeps them in bondage to money.  Money is not the problem it’s how money is viewed. It’s not about how much you have, it’s about what you do with what you have. Fear has gripped so many because they don’t know the first thing about money only that it’s for bills, bills and more bills. Well, of course, we have to pay bills that are a part of life however, the smallest can be made into a lot.  Little simple words of wisdom follow the principle the simple principle coming from a person who’s been there and done that don’t owe a dime to anyone and look you might think I am loaded. That’s fine, but the simple little principle to take an amount that is not even a fraction of what you get but what you spend in one hour go figure.

I will probably be on a soap box for a while with this simple little principle here. Taking the little measly dollar and starting there. You spend more than a dollar every time you walk out of your house. 365.00 looks good to some of you right, 730.00 looks better right? It’s all from a measly dollar you didn’t let a hole burn in your pocket to spend it but used it as a way to change your mindset. I bet if you had 1,460 in your possession now which is 4 years of saving a dollar, I bet you would be happy you have it.

The mindset has to be the first thing you are determined to change. You know you cannot save one dime and go to the consumer credit counseling service to help you, they cannot even help you. Do the simple math and follow a principle that is fast and simple. Think about the power of the Dollar Principle. It’s just that simple do it and see.

Dr. La-Renda Jones

Proverbs 13:11 “Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it.”

Grief- Talk

The Power of the Dollar Principal. 

If there is one area that people struggle with, unchurched, and the churched it’s in the area of finances. There are many reasons for the struggle; the greatest reason is fear.  fear presents itself in the form of a mask, it’s avoided, it’s refused and it can be detrimental in the life of an individual. The mask behind the fear of the dollar is because within one’s background the subject of money may have been a taboo subject. Ancestors may have had the mentality just make enough to get by, others may have accepted where they were and accepted whatever they received.  The dollar always has had power when one has received the power to earn and income in whatever why they could.  Fear will continue to surface if the individual does not dig deeper to address the inner fears that are connected to their financial struggle. I would like to talk about within this article the  Power of the Dollar Principal with hopes someone will learn not to fear money and not allow it to be a creepy monster in one’s ‘life but to spend it freely and wisely.

  1. Talk about money. What does it mean to you? How did your ancestors spend money? go back as far as you could. When is the first time you received money within your life? What feeling did you recall when you received it. Don’t be ashamed to talk about money. Other’s around you may say openly and some may shy away from telling you they cannot afford things. That’s okay. Be open and ask them if this is a problem. Don’t embarrass them but make the subject one they can talk about.
  2. . Saving Strategies. Everyone needs a saving strategy in order to save money. Some have belief in the envelope principal. Money is divided into separate envelopes. Others believe the only way to save money is to keep it within a bank account as that’s what the account is for right? Other strategies are to look at having money in your space at home and not spending it quickly because you know it’s at your fingertips. Other strategies are to be creative the way you save money. Some ways I have found helpful is with items that I make on my own. I like to buy banks that don’t cost much. Most of the time they are items that can be used as pieces for the table or just for decorations. One idea I had used a bottle that was an art piece for a table. The bottle was tall enough to save quarters, nickels or dimes. Moons ago, I found in a dollar store a bank that looked like a Bible and it was a great tool to help children save money.
  3. Allow someone to hold you accountable to the money that you spend. This may be a hard one for many because it goes along with having a strong trust for who the person is. Definitely, this person must be a special person but this person understands and knows you and your financial pattern of spending.  This is someone who can tell you when enough is enough and you will be alright with it.
  4. Discipline, This is probably the hardest to perform when saving money. Most of us are not disciplined but spending is easy and when it’s all gone. it’s gone until you discover you just wasted what you could have had later on. The mindset is where the discipline is going to begin. Set your mind, write it down if you have to, make up in your mind this is what you will do. When you hear the voice saying you are a failure, don’t buy it. It’s a lie to detour you, to take power over you and trap you to remain broke. Make this the final hour, you are going to be disciplined in this area and conquer that fear.
  5. Start out with 7 dollars for 7 days. Find the special spot, jar or whatever you decide to put your dollar at. This is where the beginning starts within you.Each day add a dollar where the place is. Suggestion, I had a Bible, because a Bible is a large book with a lot of pages, guess what a dollar was slipped on every page. There came some excitement with this. Perhaps you may want to use a book that has hundreds of pages. The aim is not to spend these dollars but see them increase.

6. Check on your dollars from time to time, but the aim is not to spend them but to save them. What happens when you have a dollar on all the pages of the book. If you use this idea. Well, guess what? You can start all over again. All of this simply from saving one dollar. We spend more than a dollar a day. Don’t you want to get to the bottle of spending and saving with a little can give you the discipline to save so much more.  Hopes this helps.


Dr. La-Renda Jones