Why Doesn’t It Stop?

It’s too much when is it going to stop, why are people just hating so much. What difference it makes regarding one’s color. Nothing is going to change that it’s who you were created to look like. Talk everywhere and many feel absolutely helpless. Now they are in grief. People lost loved ones and families were put in positions they now have to mourn over their loved ones.Why doesn’t it Stop? what is it going to take to make it stop? Daily in the news on social media and word of mouth the word has gotten around Why Doesn’t it stop. Who is going to step up and say enough is enough? Who’s going to be the one who puts their life on the line and say; it will stop.

The Charlotteville Va incident brings memories of so much that is going on in the world today. The mind is taken to a grievous moment for someone that was affected by this terrible act. Why Doesn’t it Stop? A few simple steps to follow when in thought about this.

  1. First Pray it’s needed more than ever before. Read your scriptures for comfort and ask God to intervene to heal and strengthen and walk among those in need. Ask God for his guidance of any help you can render.
  2. Think before you think of what it should be like? What would it be like?  and what it will be like?
  3. Think about how you can be a force in some way to make a united stand. Each one can reach one and where there are numbers there is a strength.
  4. If you have children educate them on rights and wrongs  Don’t promote any racist behavior among them but to promote peace and understanding.

Why doesn’t it Stop? It won’t stop if people display no care. Show some today.


Dr. Jones.





Take a look at what can Grieve You…. Money

Taking a look at the power of one dollar for the past few blogs I have done. My mission was to talk to people about the power of one measly dollar. The dollar may not have much value to anyone but if you don’t understand the discipline of money then you can miss a point. Money is not the problem it’s how it is viewed in the mind. If you fear money then you will get it through your hands and spend it fast like eating an ice cream cone before it melts.

Money is definitely a grievous issue in the lives of many. The phrases are “I don’t have any money or I don’t have enough money” Let’s face it everyone grieves something and money can be grieved too. As we see, some will do anything to get a dollar in their hands even if it means hurting someone to get it. The principle of 1 dollar can help you see the importance of the dollar but also not to spend it so fast. It’s so small can’t you save that little amount over a period of time? Why not?  The mindset has to be challenged to see the dollar differently then the effects of spending it won’t be so hard. Take the one dollar and put it away with a determination you are not going to spend it.

The grief in the money is that you want it so when you don’t have it, it can create a stress, and make one feel depressed. Yes, there are people that get depressed when they do not have any money. So take a look at what can grieve you, money. Don’t let it happen, do something about it. See money differently and change your mindset about it.


Dr. Jones.


Making a Matter complicated saving a Dollar

Saving money can become complicated.The complication comes when it comes to discipline. Families that have not trained children from childhood what to do with money and how to treat it; the injustice is done to that child already. Children need to see money as simple, not complicated. If they sense the fear in spending it, they will also sense the fear in saving it. Adults struggle every day with money issues but the efforts to start saving one measly dollar needs to go into effect.

Objects can be used in creative ways that one can use to save one dollar and it doesn’t have to be complicated at all.  The mind has to say, I will do this and I will not back up from it. The results can be seen at the end but you first have to say within the mind this is a task I must overcome.  Often one hears, oh a dollar means nothing and what can you do with it. The last time I checked: 100 pennies add up to a dollar and 10 dimes add up to a dollar.  Once the money is saved and counted that’s when one sees how easy it is and then because they have a few dollars in their pockets, now they can buy something. You could not buy anything if you didn’t have a dollar now, could you?

Matters are made too complicated when it comes to saving a dollar. We spend more than a dollar. Let us wake up and see the fact. We need to see the dollar is not the complication it’s the discipline.


Dr. La-Renda jones


Money Problems Anyone

Tossed lately with this issue regarding finances. So many are struggling in this area of their lives. We refuse to look into it, discover it’s feared and why? Many use money to manipulate others how to give it to them. Can you believe one of the largest problems people have, have to do do with saving money? It only takes up a made up mind you will save something. Not what you are not able to.

 Proverbs 22:7

The rich ruleth over the poor and the borrower is a servant to the lender. What do we think about this? The Bible is truth right there. Someone has to be challenged to get out of this mind of thinking regarding money being the problem. 



Acts 20:35 35 I have shewed you all things, how that so laboring ye ought to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive. You better believe this is the truth indeed. But if one is fearful to bless the person because of the word and what’s it about, then the motive to give is minimized. 

For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. Now there is your problem right there.  Many don’t realize they have fallen into this trap. You can have millions and give it away, or even $5 with the heart to keep it and hoard it and then here comes the sorrows why?

I want to speak to those who want to save money. Money problems anyone?

1.   I love my plan as a Christian do you want to take the challenge? I dare you to do it. I am a proof of it, Using the Power of the Dollar. It’s simple and just takes you to have a made up mind.Take your Bible: the one you use or another one. Put 1 dollar into your Bible every day. You open it every day don’t you?  You looked at all the pages after, didn’t you? Ou said this will take a long time… Well what’s your excuse not to take this challenge? Get through that inner grief/Sir/Maam. Maybe you need some counseling here.

2. Simple every day you place the dollar in your Bible and you struggle with leaving it there recognize there is the problem.  The goal is to let it sit until every page has it’ dollar. So you might say, I might not live to see my benefit of saving the dollars. Why are you worried about that? When you see Jesus, and you are in the grave, your money is not going to make a difference anyway.  Get out of the mindset about something so simple.

3. When you have covered every page, remove your dollars. Buy yourself something, do something with it, donate to something, go somewhere but don’t spend the entire amount. Take the remainder and put it back in the Bible.  You just did something that you wanted or bought something you wanted, gave some to someone in need.

4. Reflection time. So what’re your thoughts? Time to deal with that!



Money Problems anyone? Hopes this helps

Dr. La-Renda Jones


Money and how to process it with the knowledge of the Power of the dollar.

      People need money, there are no doubts about it. People made the comments they don’t have enough and are scrimping to obtain more of it. I often wonder how much people know about money. It’s a knowledge that has lessons all of their own. The more I talk to people and if I had to evaluate all of my own associates, I discover many are afraid to talk about the subject. Why is this? The fear of being asked to loan someone a few dollars maybe. Of course, I have experienced this myself.  I learned there are motives behind money and how people will and can be manipulative when dealing with others about money.

Money is not the issue and it should be processed. The process should start with the fear it carries. Was it the way the parents dealt with it, or is it the fear you have you may never have enough of it. Whatever the problem may be with money, the motive behind it needs to be processed.  In my grief work, believe it or not, money is one of the largest grievous issues people have. Divorce rates are high, the cost of living is high, education is high, one is not making enough money.  All the issues behind money must be processed at one time or another. Let’s look at how to proceed.

  1.  Find out what the fear you have regarding the subject of money. Look at your mindset.
  2. If you are already in debt definitely find a source that can help you manage your debt.
  3. Find a principle you can follow and last but least look at the dollar principle.

Dr. LaRenda Jones